Bike User Experience Review: Ortigas Center’s Pedestrian Footbridges

Ortigas Center in Pasig City isn’t exactly the model central business district (CBD) when it comes to walkability and accessibility, compared to other CBDs here in Manila, but recent additions to their pedestrian infrastructure seems to up the ante. Continue reading


You Had One Job

Some things you just discover while you’re relaxing, coasting along one of Manila’s busy highways.

Make no mistake: It is appreciated that Pasig City has introduced “pop-up” bike lanes along Ortigas Avenue. However, you can’t help but wonder why it would sometimes look like this:


I can only shake my head in disbelief while pedaling home.


Sunday Biking in Emerald Avenue

Pasig City has its carless Sundays along Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Central Business District’s main avenue. Bringing along my Strida a couple of weeks ago, I took a video to show how it feels and looks like going through it end to end, slowly, on two wheels.

This CBD’s Carless Sundays make up for its lack of a decent, large open park. Hope we get to have more of these for Manila CBDs soon. 🙂