Firefox WebIDE detecting CM Ace

Connecting my Cherry Mobile Ace to my Windows PC

Since November, I had gotten two Cherry Mobile Ace (powered by Firefox OS) devices for me and my mom at home. Cherry Mobile Ace, powered by Firefox OSBasically, the two Aces function as my secondary phone and as our landline phone unit at home. Being a developer though, I was also interested in using my Ace to test against HTML5 apps that I’ve made.

Prior to the Ace, I already had a ZTE Open Firefox OS device back in 2013. This Ace is a new device, and courtesy of Sir Bob Reyes of Mozilla Philippines, I was able to know how to connect to the Ace on my PC. Continue reading


Unboxing of the Cherry Mobile Ace with Firefox OS


As mentioned by the Mozilla blog, Firefox OS has arrived in the Philippines!!

I had been scouring Cherry Mobile phone shops all over the metro last month, immediately after I got word that they have already started selling their first Firefox OS device, the Cherry Mobile Ace! Continue reading

Pacman (not the one Mayweather’s so afraid of)

Not to brag but…
Pacman screenshot

Got curious and suddenly played Pacman til I had no lives left!

In celebration of Pacman’s 30th anniversary, Google, as has been tradition with special events, made a special Google homepage for this never-full-always-hungry hero for his 30th birthday! They’ve changed the homepage already by now, but a secret page still allows you to play it 🙂 Continue reading