Plastics and Ecobricks

Plastics, plastics everywhere

Piles of garbage in the evening

People in business districts around Manila will notice this, especially those who work and get off on late evenings.

Bags upon bags of garbage are lined up on sidewalks, their stink floating through the air. Employees going home would rather walk on the road just to avoid the stench sticking to their clothes.
Just imagine — this much garbage is produced by one building, home to different companies, hotels, and condominiums. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. Daily. And try to estimate the number of buildings in, say,

Ortigas Center alone. Thirty? Forty? Continue reading

Compost pit

More Green, Less Trash: A Do-It-Yourself Compost Pit

As part of my New Year “Green Goals“, I have recently started looking at composting at home last January. I must admit, I had to do a lot of reading and researching because I have never done this before. Continue reading