Requirements in Viewing Documents using Dæja’s ViewOnePRO

For our foreign-based tie-ups:

Viewing documents through Dæja’s ViewOnePRO requires a Java Runtime Environment (or usually called a plug-in). For the purposes of accessing uploaded documents in AUB RediMoneyWeb, kindly refer to the following steps below:

  1. Check if your computer’s latest version of Java plugin is at most, version 6, update 11 (for Windows users, kindly check out Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs). If the version is greater than this, kindly uninstall because there are issues with newer versions of the plugin.
  2. Make sure to download the Java Plug-in version 6, update 11 here. Please save to your computer and when done, kindly install to your computer.
  3. Access AUB RediMoneyWeb using your existing web browser (i.e., Internet Explorer 6.x); if the Java plugin has been installed successfully, the page should be able to display the Java viewer correctly.
  4. If the applet does not display, try clearing your IE’s cache by following these instructions.
  5. If, after doing step 4, and the viewer will still not display, kindly download the latest version of the Firefox web browser.

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