First post

Yeah I guess this would be the first post because the zeroth would be the one that WordPress provided by default. lol.

This blog will serve as my personal documentation site for stuff that would normally be of use by software developers like me. This means that

 you shouldn't be surprised if there's a code box like this that appears every so often throughout the site.

Hopefully I won’t have to cram all information that need to be documented at the last minute (last minute of what? wink wink lol) with this. Colleagues are very much welcome to consult my blog here, so at least we get to share the information that we’ve gathered all the while developing our systems. 🙂


2 thoughts on “First post

  1. Yeah. This is nice. I was thinking of creating another blog just for this but I realized I will just create another category for tech stuff.

    Will also add you on my links okie? ^_^

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