InstaPay: “I-‘FT’ mo na lang!”

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I’ve had a habit for quite some time when it comes to settling debts among friends. I would usually first ask them, “may bank account ka ba, pwede ko na lang ba i-transfer dun?” (“do you have a bank account so I can just transfer the funds there?”) Then the next thing we’ll be asking for is each other’s bank account numbers, assuming we’re on the same bank. Tough luck if we don’t have a common set of banks. I’ll pay in cash instead. Continue reading “InstaPay: “I-‘FT’ mo na lang!””


Plastics and Ecobricks

Plastics, plastics everywhere

Piles of garbage in the evening
People in business districts around Manila will notice this, especially those who work and get off on late evenings.

Bags upon bags of garbage are lined up on sidewalks, their stink floating through the air. Employees going home would rather walk on the road just to avoid the stench sticking to their clothes.
Just imagine — this much garbage is produced by one building, home to different companies, hotels, and condominiums. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. Daily. And try to estimate the number of buildings in, say,

Ortigas Center alone. Thirty? Forty? Continue reading “Plastics and Ecobricks”


Isang pi-ku (haiku na naaayon sa π) tungkol sa mahal kong bisikleta.

Itong munting tula ay aking ginawa noong 2015, sa araw ng π (Pi day, 3/14/15). 🙂




Isang Ginhawa


Sa bawat
ng busina,


Sa bawat
ay 2-π-r
Gulong ng Buhay.


Tuloy lang
pagpadyak ko
hanging malinis


at, tungo
mas maganda
bayang sagana!


(Happy Pi Day! )

You Had One Job

Some things you just discover while you’re relaxing, coasting along one of Manila’s busy highways.

Make no mistake: It is appreciated that Pasig City has introduced “pop-up” bike lanes along Ortigas Avenue. However, you can’t help but wonder why it would sometimes look like this:


I can only shake my head in disbelief while pedaling home.

Connecting my Cherry Mobile Ace to my Windows PC

Firefox WebIDE detecting CM Ace

Since November, I had gotten two Cherry Mobile Ace (powered by Firefox OS) devices for me and my mom at home. Cherry Mobile Ace, powered by Firefox OSBasically, the two Aces function as my secondary phone and as our landline phone unit at home. Being a developer though, I was also interested in using my Ace to test against HTML5 apps that I’ve made.

Prior to the Ace, I already had a ZTE Open Firefox OS device back in 2013. This Ace is a new device, and courtesy of Sir Bob Reyes of Mozilla Philippines, I was able to know how to connect to the Ace on my PC. Continue reading “Connecting my Cherry Mobile Ace to my Windows PC”

Firefox Tabs and the Bike Lanes of Marcos Highway

As I was cycling going home last night along Marcos Highway in Marikina City, I thought of doing another blog post for today. I normally write about my two main advocacies (Firefox and biking) but this might be the first time I’m tackling them at the same time! I realized something was strikingly similar between the two as I trudged along the DPWH-manufactured bike lanes along Marcos Highway. Continue reading “Firefox Tabs and the Bike Lanes of Marcos Highway”